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Thread: lynxmotion ssc-32 servo controller

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    Hey Rob

    Seems I have to visit this thread for another project, but I'm unable to make the following work:

    Have a button in Netremote that sends 2 events to girder. First one is Pan.up then the 2nd event is send to girder on release pan.up.stop. The first even is making it through, but the pan.up.stop is not. In girder I have 2 serial sends that have each of the events as triggers. What am I doing wrong?

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    That seems a bit odd, can you mail me the CCF to rob.h AT

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    Funny thing maybe I should have already known, but after setting up those events and the GML, it all required a restart before working. Once I restarted netremote, it all worked fine. Thanks!

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