I have an HTPC (winxp sp2) with media bridge controlling iTunes. The iTunes library has only a few files inside (<20). I can run the NR client on the machine with the mediabridge and it works fine.

I have a laptop (winxp sp2) on a wired ethernet connection upon which I installed the NR client. I pointed it at the server and it shows as connected in the Current Clients list of mediabridge.

I can't control the mediabridge from the laptop. I can't browse the library, it just hangs showing (Loading...)

Every so often (5 to 10 seconds) the client hops ports. By this I mean, briefly a second client (same IP, next sequential port) appears so that there are two in the list. Then the first client disappears. The headphones in the systray mostly stay yellow, but flash green when the first client disappears, then turn back yellow. It hangs this way indefinitely.

I've not yet tried to get this working on any other clients.

Please help!