Hi gents,

We would like to see with you gents if its possible to have a plug-in for MCE to get the state of the interface (Live TV, DVD, Radio, etc...) The purpose would be to trigger action based on where we are in the interface. For example, when I'm playing Live TV, I would like to send to my receiver to switch to movie surround mode, when I'm playing music, I would like it to be in Stereo 7 channels.

This would require that Girder monitor MCE state change to get the info from Media Status Aggregation Service (MSAS). The task is similar to displaying MCE info on a VFD but in this case, we trigger action based on the status.

There is a thread already started on that subject but I think it is more appropriate to put it here since it need development.


I donít know if my request is clear enough but if not, feel free to ask questions. We are not asking you do do all the work but if you can help us with a good start then we will be able to finish the work.

Best regards,