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Thread: MediaBridge & JRMC

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    Default MediaBridge & JRMC

    I have noticed that MediaBridge and JRMC use a combined 20% of CPU usage, even when there is not activity. If I disconnect the two instances of NR running on my network the CPU drops to 0% for the 2. I could understand if there was music playing and NR screens were being updated, but this is happening when the there is not activity at all.

    Is this normal?

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    I've seen that before as well, though it eventually seems to taper off (when I check back later in the day). I haven't delved into the MediaBridge codebase yet, so I'm afraid I'm not sure the cause. At the time, I tried decreasing the polling interval, which only made minimal difference. I wonder if there might be some caching of data even when caching isn't selected, but that's pure speculation on my part.

    I'll go ahead and add it to the open issues list.

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    One thing I noticed is that even though I closed out my den client it still shows connected under MediaBridge... but I also noticed that when I close it down the CPU usage on the server goes down to almost zero. I suspect you are right and that stuff is getting updated even if it doesn't need to be.... but for me the usage when a client is connected is 3-5% CPU. Maybe due to running a faster server (3GHZ P4 w 1.5GB RAM).


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