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Thread: Template for creating plugins using treescript & lua

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    Default Template for creating plugins using treescript & lua


    after some frustration on digging through all material and examining other peoples stuff to get my custom actions and conditionals to work, I decided to put my lessons learnt into a code template so my next project will be easier to complete.

    The download contains 2 files, interface (XML) and code (LUA). The LUA file also includes all instructions on how to use it.

    Provided are:
    - example Action
    - example Conditional
    - example Timer (for background checking stuff)
    Only thing you need to do is to update some variables and filling in the blanks with your own specific code (just read the comments in the code file).

    Let me know what you think, so maybe I'll take the effort to fill in some missing items.

    Edit 17-May-2010: Today I moved the downloads, as I'm unable to get them updated on the promixis site.
    Edit 18-Feb-2011: Uploaded version 0.2, which I made almost a year ago, but forgot to put online...
    - Added a config page
    - Code to easily read settings from the registry

    You can find them here:
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