I'm writing an extension to Irreco, a remote control app on the Nokia N800 internet tablet to trigger events in Girder4. I'm trying to talk directly to the Communication Server plugin via TCP/IP but I'm having some trouble finding the necessary information to do so.

I've read through the API documentation which explains the basic protocol, and I've sniffed traffic between csevent.exe and Girder to learn as much as I can, but there's still some details I can't figure out, nor find extended documentation for.

The API doc refers to including comserver.h (I assume this would contain all the CMD_ definitions) but I don't have that file in my Girder4 installation and none of the other include files define any CMD_* constants. I can't even find mention of comserver.h on the forums.

Is there a simple standalone code example in any language that pipes event triggers in through Communication Server in this manner? Is there info on the values for CMD_* command IDs (or someplace I can get comserver.h)?