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    Default girder API

    1) when have a look to class object use by girder i see documentation is not like what i see in many microsoft documentation. why i expect to see even like javadoc more than microsoft doc is something like this .

    2) perhaps people find i post a lot at this time ( it show my knowledge is not very important ) and even make some critics ; i like in documentation API the way promixis documentation speak about argument in function and valueS return by function ( like example too ) .

    3) because promixis product work with a wide range of device ; the filter word use in the download link are very approximative and better solution shoud let web user enter is own word rather than the predefine one. think it ll not change but task to have knowledge of component of all promixis product ll still difficult :
    --- a web user can find strange to see CCF filter for netremote and not gml for girder !! .
    --- why not have a link to html page that describe item find in the form refer to each first item ( girder 4 , girder 5 , netremote )
    ---- why not a gml /ccf item and free search input depend of hardware devices or softwareS devices ?
    --- it a shame to not have for each item in the table link to Homepage or/and Forum Discussion a text that summarize the functionnality that could be find in the zip file .
    --- some item are basic example very usefull to learn how work girder and no item in the filter is call "little demo test"

    4) Is there in the new girder version some new protocol that have to be implemented in a new netremote version ? If not does it mean girder 5 is a custom , simplify API to do the same thing more easely ? See webserver is support in the version for 5 ; does it mean there ll be no pro version like version 4 ?

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    Thank you for your suggestions.
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