I had been using Girder 3.3 with the MCE blaster plugin, to sent IR signals to my equipment from Girder. Everything works fine with most equipment, but my Sony Receiver (STR-DA1000ES) does not seem to accept the IR signals being sent through the blaster. I can get Girder to learn the commands from the Sony remotes with no problem, but can't get the receiver itself to accept those commands when blasted back from MCE IR Blaster.

I've thought about getting a UIRT and upgrading to Girder 4, but am wondering if my problems are more related to the Sony equipment than anything else.

I've read that Sony remotes can be a pain to teach to other remotes, and am wondering if the IR I've been capturing is incorrect.

I've tried looking at Remote Central for codes, but they have nothing on the DA1000ES.

If I get a UIRT, am I likely to have success? Are there any other 1000ES users out there? Thanks.