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Thread: DLportIO, Girder 4.0 and LUA Scripting

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    Default DLportIO, Girder 4.0 and LUA Scripting

    Hello there!
    I am new to this forum and I am afraid I am asking something very basic that had been solved ages ago. But I just can not seem to find a solution.
    I am using Girder 4.0 and want to toggle pins on my parallel ports using DLportIO from Lynx. DLportIO is installed on my system and the command I want to use is this: "PORTIO_WriteBYTE(888,255)" which in my opinion should switch all pins on LPT1 at h378 to high!? I use this in a scripting window under Girder but hitting "Apply and Test" does not toggle any pins at all. So either I use the scripting in a wrong way or I do not have the DLportIO files in the correct place for Girder to use them or I do something else in the wrong way. Can anyone give me a hint on how to handel that?
    Thanks a lot!

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    Default one step further

    hello! I played arround a bit with the scripting in Girder and managed to call functions like math and voice functions. But trying to call "PORTIO_WriteBYTE( [portnumber], [value] )" Lua tells me that it canīt find this function. At least I think that is what it is trying to tell me. I am sure I installed the necessary driver from and I can find LPortIO.dll as well as DLPortIO.dll in my Girder as well as in my system32 directory.
    Does anyone have an idea what I am doing wrong?
    This is what Lua/Girder tells me:

    [string "x10.gml:\x10\toggle TV Power with DLPort IO..."]:2: attempt to call global `PORTIO_WriteBYTE' (a nil value)
    stack traceback:
    [string "x10.gml:\x10\toggle TV Power with DLPort IO..."]:2: in main chunk

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    If you have the DLPortIO plugin enabled and everything required installed then you should have a table called dlportio so that code should read
    dlportio.WriteBYTE(888, 255)
    Use the variable inspector to examine the other methods available.

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    Default it works!

    Thanks Rob! My syntax was wrong...

    So, for everyone being as blind as I am, this works:

    dlportio.WriteBYTE(888, 255)
    value = dlportio.ReadBYTE(888)


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    Default Loading of DLPortIO.sys and DLPortIO.dll

    The web site "" doesn't seem to offer the drivers without paying but I found a program called port95nt.exe on the net that successfully loaded the files. With the DLportIO extension plugin activated I was able to successfully toggle the parallel port data lines on my ADM 3500+ XP MCE

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