Performance Enhancements
* Page jumps faster due to performance enhanced file format
* Network discover and communication enhanced for stability and performance
* Connections to Girder and MediaBridge handled more gracefully when network drops
* Improved Alpha Blend code
* Internal caching for faster page loading
* Many stability improvements
* No more memory leaks!

Scripting Enhancements
* Support for threaded Lua
* Greatly improved scripting support for plugins and plugin instances
* Greatly enhanced event system into Lua callbacks
* Support for "pressing" or changing state of buttons from Lua
* Greatly enhanced element animation scripting (moving elements based on actions)
* You can now enable or disable the PPC screen from Lua
* You can now execute Lua in NetRemote sent from Girder

Custom Interface Enhancements
* 24 bit color selection
* Support for different fonts on different buttons
* No restriction on font sizes
* Support for "bind at load" variables (which pick up a value on initial page load)
* Support for hierarchical naming (name a button based on parent frame)
* Support for hierarchical actions (do something based on a parent frame)
* Enhanced support for interface creation from NRD, including Lua console and variable inspection
* No restriction on text length on buttons
* Left and top padding for button text
* Animated graphic support (animated gif and "filmstrip" style images)
* Support for "template overlays". This is a template that will appear over any pages you design
* Popup frames can now be on top of tree or list views
* Support for Vertical text alignment and text wrap features
* Film strip PNG support

Control Enhancements
* Ability to enable/disable WiFi on Pocket PC
* Enhanced integration with Girder4/Girder5
* Direct USB-UIRT support from NetRemote on Windows (for both learning and transmitting)
* All plugins now support multiple instances (including ZoomPlayer)
* Improved slider options (including throttling transmission to server to increase performance)
* Virtual trackpad with Girder now supports a "tap" mouse action (Similar to trackpad on a laptop)
* NetRemote can now pass IR through to Girder for transmission
* New FlashPlayer plugin allows you to embed Flash movies

Media Control Enhancements
* Tight MCE integration
* Support for Net Radio
* Enhanced/smarter zone support (no longer requires changing host and zones, one zone list maintained for all servers)
* MediaBridge can now be password protected, so you can open a port through your firewall and trust it's secure
* SUpport for navigating file paths using MediaBridge
* Support for pulling metadata from MS-DVR files (so you can play recorded TV)
* Support for sending DVD Profiler content to NetRemote from MediaBridge
* Support for sorting album cover requests
* Drag and drop support in playing now list to rearrange queue
* Support for seeing what is playing in all zones at once
* You can now create a playlist from the current queue

* Support for profiles (startup NetRemote with different plugins or interfaces active depending on profile)
* Support for running multiple instances on one machine
* Native Windows 4.2 support
* Better Windows Mobile 5 support
* Pocket PC installer will properly uninstall from restart list on uninstall
* Internal web server allows for generating custom content from NetRemote variables, either to another computer or to an internal browser.
* "Jump back" action now supports unlimited number of jump backs