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    Hi All,

    I put together an Insteon PLM Component. The PLM (firmware version .63) is very robust relative to the PLC. Only 1 lockup over many months of use. The component supports a wide range of Insteon devices including support for both I1 and I2 engines (ie extended command devices).

    The component has been in development for a little over 3 years and now is about 25000 lines of code!

    Brief PDF Help file

    Version .836

    Bug fixes for smoke sensor

    Version .834

    Smoke Bridge early support
    Micro On/Off support

    Version. 824

    T stat fixes

    Version .821

    Fixes for leak sensor
    Venstar T Stat changes ? maybe fixes?

    Version .818

    Leak sensor support

    Version .815

    Added window coverings devices
    Added 2 wire switchlinc

    Version .811

    Fix for dual band dimmers

    Version .804

    Added work around for ApplianceLincs that do not follow the Insteon protocol correctly.
    Additions thermostat support.

    Version .802

    Bug fix for Keypadlinc and setting toggle/non toggle modes
    Bug fix for PLM AllLink command result reporting

    Version .800

    thermostat and rf small bug fixes

    Version .797

    Small Radio device fix.

    Version .796

    Support for latest thermostats
    Support for Insteon light bulb

    Version .782

    Support for new Insteon I2CS devices
    Misc bug fixes.

    Version .768
    dui bug fix for Globals page

    Version .764

    EZUIRT support
    Added ability to easily replace failed devices. On the devices tab, see Replace. This will copy all settings from the old device to the new for DevCat 1 and 2 devices, including all keypadlinc settings. Big time saver for replacing bad devices
    Misc bug fixes

    Version .754

    More improvements in link read/writing
    Updated support for new devices

    Unzip into the Girder\luascript\component directory. Restart Girder. Goto the Component Manager, Enable, See Under the Lighting tab on the left.

    Please post comments and problems to this thread.
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