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Thread: Winamp; Play track by number?

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    Default Winamp; Play track by number?

    I haven't purchased Girder yet, but I hope to if it can do what I want.

    I've got an x10 remote, model ur86a, aka the Google Remote, aka the Niveus Remote. And I've got a cm15a. Plus I'm using x10's Activehome Pro software to schedule certain events with my x10 modules and to control the modules with my keyboard and mouse.

    In Winamp, I want to make sure Girder can play a track by number when the number is entered on my x10 remote's buttons.

    Iíve been using an x10 rf remote with Winamp for years. Itís worked flawlessly with the old max10 software. The range and reliability has been incredible and it does exactly what I want with regard to playing Winamp tracks by number. This comes in very handy while listening to very long playlists in the shower.

    However, since I've added x10 modules to my setup and upgraded to a new Home Theater PC, the max10 software, which hasnít been updated since 2003, just canít do some of things I want it to.

    So does Girder allow Winamp tracks to be played by number via the x10 remote? And can it do this while Winamp is not in focus?

    By the way, I've got XP and currently use my remote for BeyondTV, Winamp, and PowerDVD.

    Thanks in advance.

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    To be honest, I'm not entirely sure - I haven't used WinAmp for years.

    You could download the trial version of Girder 5 and try it out though.

    If the supplied GML doesn't do it then it can probably be made to work.

    Hopefully, someone who knows Winamp may pop up and be able to answer the question more fully.

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