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Thread: Girder 10 Year Anniversary Competition

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    Default Girder 10 Year Anniversary Competition

    With the release of Girder 5 comes a little time of reflection and how far Girder has come since those small beginnings in a student dorm in Eindhoven, the Netherlands in the fall of 1998 to a full fledged company in Santa Barbara, CA supplying commercial, industrial and home automation solutions to the world. It has been a great ride and as the CEO of Promixis I am proud of how far it has come.

    To celebrate this occasion until September 30, 2008 (noon Pacific time) we will have a contest.
    (If no more submission come in for a while we might call the contest earlier)

    Find the OLDEST reference to Girder on the web.


    1. The finder of the oldest reference to Girder will receive the Promixis Girder & NetRemote WHP Bundle free!! ($200 value)
    2. The finder of the 2nd oldest page receives a free copy of NetRemote or Girder.


    1. There are no losers, if you enter a valid URL mentioning Girder you get a 20% discount on Promixis Software (valid through September 30, 200
    2. Who ever posts in this thread a link to the oldest page mentioning Girder wins.
    3. If two people come up with the same link, first post wins
    4. No, you cannot create a webpage and date it back, we have our ways to find out! Besides what is more fun then a real hunt!
    5. If no conslusive date can be found on the reference we might not be able to count the submission for the grand prize.
    6. No purchase nessecary
    7. If you won the first spot you cannot also win the second spot
    8. Girder is defined as the automation software by Promixis, back then by Ron Bessems.
    9. These rules might be amended if nessecary,.. I know you cheaters

    FYI version 1.x was never released beyond my friends and I believe 2.x never had any great exposure, but if you can find it on the web I would be very impressed.

    Semi Current Status (as of my last check)
    1: January 11, 2000 Jonkjon Looks like an old announcement translated to polish,.. and back again
    2: February 23, 2000 NJKen (The actual Girder 2.x webpage)
    3: March 24, 2000 etron (Search engine listing)
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