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    Default NetRemote Designer 2.0.0 BETA

    Guys Rob has done some amazing work with the NetRemote Designer and is very proud to give you the first beta build for wider testing:

    NetRemote Designer 2.0.0 BETA BUILD 17

    Here is what has changed since NRD 1.0

    • Changed to use new component suite for unified look.
    • Added "Look and Feel" submenu to "Tools" menu
    • Scheme and image pickers now support setting of background colours
    • Image picker has for a long time shown the number of references to an image - clicking on that message will now bring up a dialog with the list of elements that reference the image.
    • Identical unnamed schemes are now merged on loading
    • The main CCF tree now shows the correct fonts for individual elements and also adds Position and Size columns with inline editing of both those and the element name.
    • Plugin action configuration dialogs have changed layout slightly and now use spin controls for numeric values.
    • When controls are selected various context sensitive buttons are now placed around the selection e.g. if multiple controls are selected then alignment controls will appear. This change has necessitated adding a border around the page, so crop marks have been added to indicate the boundary of the page.
    • Added continuous zooming of the current page from 0.25 to 4 times the size of the original.
    • Double click on the zoom factor label to restore this to 1:1. Can also use Ctrl+Mouse wheel or a zoom key on a keyboard to adjust this in 0.1 increments.
    • Added a "Show transparent frame" menu option which will show a transparent frame in an alpha-transparent pink colour.
    • Added "Show parents of selection" button to the toolbar, which displays any transparent parents ofthe current selection in an alpha-transparent pale blue.
    • Added Centering buttons to the context sensitive buttons.
    • Restored the Copy look command - this is slightly different from the copy/paste since it also works with frames
    • Element properties:
      • Text alignment now shows a graphical dropdown for the text alignment
      • Improved font selector (I hope)
      • Action designer now displays a wait cursor while the plugin tree is being populated.
      • Several controls now provide immediate feedback, e.g. font, wordwrap, text alignment, padding
      • Added "swap button states" button.

    • Looped frames now show a small (9pt Courier New) gray loop index value in the top left corner of each child
    • Lots of refactoring to conform to MS style guidelines
    • Added 'Fade base template' button to toolbar to help clarify which elements are on the actual pagebeing edited and which are on the base template.
    • Locked elements now show a reddish selection outline.
    • States are now shown in the tree.
    • Added multiple selection to the tree
    • If there are multiple elements selected, the first selected element's selection rectangle will bedrawn with smaller dots, to distinguish it from the other elements in the selection. This is important for various options, e.g. Copy Look.
    • Elements in the tree using <^> notation now show the resolved name in a tooltip.
    • Added "Zoom to fit" button to the scaling toolbar
    • The Lua console and the two variable inspectors are now dockable
    • Send to NetRemote now prompts to save the file (and saves it) if it has been modified.
    • Major addition: Component gallery - see Tools|Component gallery and the "Add component from gallery" context menu item.
    • Now saves separate folder names for loading and saving CCFs and images
    • New image picker with extensive filtering capabilities. Also shows the number of references with a dropdown
      that lists them. Selecting a reference from this list selects the corresponding button or frame in the editor.
    • Major addition: Edit|Find - supports searching for strings in Button and frame names, Page and group names, States, Image variables, Hard keys and Actions.
      Once you've found the matches, just click on the result list to immediately jump to that item in the tree
    • Added "Component lock" which locks a frame and all its contents

    I would like to especially highlight the component gallery. Here you will find ready made components (or controls) that can be dropped onto a CCF! This will for example make it real easy to use Device Manager Controls from Girder once all Components for that have been created. (Slider is provided already)
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