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Thread: Elk Plug-In Enhancements

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    Default Elk Plug-In Enhancements

    Now that cold days are beginning to make for more time being spent indoors, I am working on what needs to be done to the Elk Plug-In. Below are a few things that come to mind. If anyone has any other thoughts/suggestions please let me know.

    Moving non-alarm zones to a new device type - I have several motion sensors that I use for lighting control, and I know a couple of people using inputs for other non-security related tasks. In the Elk I have programmed these as Non-Alarm inputs. I am considering removing them from the Security\Zone device type to another device type.

    Support for outputs above 64 - The Elk does not allow for outputs above 64 to have names, the plug-in only shows devices that have names associated with them. Outputs above 64 can be used as virtual outputs, since they do not show up in the plug-in I am now considering a method to allow only the outputs desired instead of all above 64.

    Read/Write counters

    System Status device - reports the following
    AC Fail Trouble
    Box Tamper Trouble
    Fail To Communicate Trouble
    EEProm Memory Error Trouble
    Low Battery Control Trouble
    Transmitter Low Battery Trouble
    Over Current Trouble
    Telephone Fault Trouble
    Output 2 Trouble
    Missing Keypad Trouble
    Zone Expander Trouble
    Output Expander Trouble
    ELKRP Remote Access
    Common Area Not Armed
    Flash Memory Error Trouble
    Security Alert
    Serial Port Expander Trouble
    Lost Transmitter Trouble
    GE Smoke CleanMe Trouble
    Ethernet Trouble
    Display Message In Keypad Line 1
    Display Message In Keypad Line 2
    Fire Trouble
    Discovery Complete
    Connection Status

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    I agree on the non secure zones... would be nice nice to have them included in the same device path as the secure ones.

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