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    Default Device Manager Component Gallery

    Today's ( release of the NetRemote Designer comes with a new Device Manager gallery. This will allow you to drop controls onto a CCF page that are hooked into the Girder Device Manager system. Currently only a slider is supported but more controls are on their way.


    • Open the NRD (NetRemote Designer) and create a new CCF
    • Save this CCF for example DMTEST.CCF
    • Navigate to the Home CCF panel
    • Right click on the actual panel on the right.
    • Select "Add Component from Gallery"
    • Once the next dialog opens click "Load Gallery" and find the "", load this.
    • On the left you'll see Device Manager, open that node.
    • You'll see the Device Manager Slider next. Select the 0-100 kind
    • On the right hand side you'll now see 'Device' and 'Control'. These refer to the actual Device Manager Device and Control we are trying to manipulate.
    • If NetRemote is talking to Girder correctly you'll find that the drop down list already has your devices listed for example: chrome\ZWave\New ZWave Controller!2\Level
    • Note that this string contains both the Device (chrome\ZWave\New ZWave Controller!2) and the control (Level) so we'll manually have to split that up for now

    • Device = chrome\ZWave\New ZWave Controller!2
    • Control = Level
    • Ask below if you have trouble finding these names and note that they are case sensitive!
    • Click OK, save you GML and Send the Interface to NetRemote. Voila you should now have control over that device.

    This is the first release of these components more are on the way give us your feedback!
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