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Thread: I get 'Clock' Error message from Girder 5???? Why

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    Exclamation I get 'Clock' Error message from Girder 5???? Why

    I have downloaded Girder 5 from your web site.... I was just trying it out....

    After 1-2 days of use, it give me error ===>

    "Your system clock appears to have been changed, possibly in an attempt to defeat the security system on this program. Please correct your system clock before trying to run this program again. If your clock is already correct, rebooting the system may fix this problem, otherwise contact the author of this program for instructions (report code CCB-A)."

    -----------------------------------with OK button-----------------------
    What is this???

    I tried alot to solve this issue..... even reinstalling of my Windows XP and all applications/utilities of my own..... but still continuously displaying this error...when it loads.

    1. Yes one-two things i hv in my mind.... I hv printer HP3920....i installed it....and then after few hrs i just click on my remote control and get that error....
    Is this a problem of HP printer...... i think no....but u r expert!!

    And the second thing is
    2. When i click on OK button by keep pressing SHIFT key it display another message box:

    "Make sure your computer's date and time are correct, then enter the FixClock key below, exactly as given to you."

    ---------with OK and Cancel button---------------------------------

    What is FixClock message and also how can i handel this issue???
    And where is Fix Clock Key and what i entered....?
    I tried synchronizing Clock option....> in my system tray Time area.
    I tried FIXCLOCK.exe tool by placing it in Autoexec.bat.....not effective!!
    I tried Google....but no answer match to my requirements and problem as well

    I am from the team of "The City School".....and was going to introduce Girder 5 to my team.......but that problem arise and cause delay in some official presentation........

    Please help me in some descriptive i m not expert in this area of technology.......i m waiting 4 ur kind response!!

    S. Fahad
    Your new user of Girder 5.

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    Contact and notify them of the message. They can help you.
    No support through PM

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