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Thread: Anyone interested in CM19a working?

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    Lightbulb Anyone interested in CM19a working?

    I'm wondering how many people want to use the CM19a?

    I have been doing some research to find code to support the CM19a and see if we could create a plugin.

    I've found an OCX made for Homeseer v1.7
    - it has an example of how to send commands, but not docs on how to receive (it is supposed to work)
    - attached...

    I found some more recent drivers from's support site
    - no longer posted, cached link...
    - X10's description... X10 USB Wireless Remote Drivers: CM15A, CM19A, ALL USB Transceivers : 3.239 - Released Mar 23, 2009 - Windows XP, Vista 32/64 bit, Windows 7 32/64 bit
    - attached...

    ActiveHome stuff I found. I think they are older version of the above.
    - attached... 3rd Party X10

    - Before I installed this I had "USB X10 Firecracker Interface" under 'Universal Serial Bus controllers' in Device Manager.
    - After I installed the above x10drivers, I now still have the above, but ALSO have "X10 Hid Device" under Human Interface Devices

    I'm going to explore as much as I can but may need a real coder (not a hack like me) to get it working.

    Anyone interested?
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