Hey all, Im switching my x10 commands from heyu on linux to girder 5, and I am using the cm11a serial module to control the x10 devices. I have always hated the cm11a (crashes, very slow light changes) so:

1) whats the best x10 compatible computer module for girder?

and my second question, i am using a macro that brightens my main lights using x10, then uses the "wait" action for 30000 ms, then dims the lights again. During this 30 sec period, my ati remote (and maybe girder itself?) does not work for any other functions (music, infrared, etc) so:

2) how can i make a macro wait for 30 sec without losing control of my ati remote wonder and girder? am i using the wait action incorrectly?

Im not new to Girder, but i havent ever had a chance to ask some simple questions until now. thanks ahead of time