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    I have been looking into netRemote in combination with Windows Media Center. I must say I am pretty happy with how it works.

    Though I have some issues that I would like te get clear of there are aloready people that have solutions for them.

    1. The MCE interface included in the install really is the best one to use with netRemote as it has more or less all you need. There however is no SEARCH possibility and when having lots, lots of music it is unworkaeble just because of that. I have tried other skins that do work with SEARCH but these lack a lot of other functionality and do not look that great.

    2. I use an HTC Touch HD with 480x800 screensize. I haven't seen any skins in this size.

    Hope someone can help me in addressing above items. If it is quite easily possible to update an existing skin I van change the current 480x640 into 480x800 and add a search bar in the additional free space.


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    You can edit the skin using NetRemote Designer, right click on System in the tree and select properties. You can resize the CCF there. You probably don't want to resize the contents however as that will stretch any buttons and frames. You may need to tweak some of the graphics however. One possible way to do this is to take another copy of the CCF, change the resolution but this time allow it to resize the contents. Then copy selected graphics from one CCF to another. However, I really wouldn't expect this to look as good as doing it in a proper graphics package.

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