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    Default Mce Remote support


    Provides the ability to receive and send IR signals from the Windows Media Center IR hardware independently of Windows Media Center and or the Remote that comes with it. Thus allowing you to use the IR receiver that comes with Windows Media Center as a universal receiver. Vista or higher OS required.

    Note: To control Windows Media Center with this software loaded be sure to load the MCE2005.GML from the GML folder.

    Features so far:

    * Ability to recognize any RC5, RC6, NEC, REC80 and Sony remotes.
    * Supports sending (learned) CCF ir signals.
    * Supports multiple Mce receivers.

    * Implement learning

    The 0.4 installer:

    Download Source Code here:

    Please respond with OS version and id on the back of your receiver so I can keep a list of compatible hardware.

    Vista (x64) - OVU400003/00
    Vista (x32) - TSES-IR01 (included with a Hauppage tuner )
    Win7 (x32) RTM 7600, latest update, HP receiver OVU4001030/00.
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