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Thread: static vs dynamic refresh

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    Default static vs dynamic refresh

    I think I need some syntax help! This syntax works to display the album cover for a current zone/source in my setup:


    For example if the current zone being displayed is 1 and it's playing source 3, the above will resolve to AP.Z1.Source which is 3.

    However, I can't seem to get the dynamic refresh version of this to work, substituting the < for { doesn't seem to resolve to anything and I don't see any errors associated with it.



    PS - I should add that the easy workaround is to put a NetRemote.Rebind() when the variables change, but at this point I'm curious about what I'm doing wrong!

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    Angle bracket names are only refreshed on demand using NetRemote.Rebind() or when the page is loaded, so NetRemote.Rebind() is the only solution here. ie you're not doing anything wrong.

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