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Thread: Girder plugin development and API Manual

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    Default Girder plugin development and API Manual

    I was thinking of doing some Girder plugin development, but have some basic questions.

    1) What happened to the "Girder API Manual" document? Is the old Girder 4.0 API manual I saved still relavent?
    2) Is the "C" Girder API still used to create pluggins and applications. Note applications would communicate over IP with Girder APIs?
    3) What is the high level trade-offs of using TreeScript vs "C code application" to create a plugin? I think I need the Girder API because I also need to interface with Microsoft Windows GUI.
    4) Could you provide a little direction on how to write "C" programs using Girder API. For example what IDE (ie. Windows "C" design environment/compiler) do you personally like for development? Any other general tips would be appreciated as I have not written code for a Windows platform.
    5) Why are there only 2 threads visible in this developer forum? Are we just really short on developers these days?

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    1. You should be able to find it in the manual directory of the Girder install.
    2. C API is still in use, yes.
    3. Speed. If you have a lot of data to process in small chunks C is preferred. Otherwise the transport API is quite good at handling large amounts of data if the chunks are large enough (e.g. not calling into lua a lot)
    4. Get Visual Studio, one of the free editions will do I believe.
    5. Just the default of the forum, simply ask it to show you more threads at the bottom. (Last year or so ).

    Most people these days develop plugins using the transport API hence this has gotten quiet.
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