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Thread: iPhone Lighting Sliders - Dimming to integer value & Poll check in httpd

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    Thanks Mike. Ok, well I'll probably do another trial on Girder 5 and see how it works comparitively but I'm hoping you can answer 2 questions for me:
    1) Based on the code I have posted, will I have to modify it, particularly with the Insteon commands?
    2) If I did stick with Girder 4, would I need to put a delay between commands? If so, what would you recommend?


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    i do not use the webserver apart from as implemented for the G5 Device Manager - so i cannot comment on your code.

    you might get better results putting a delay between sending commands, ie 500 ms or so.

    after spending hundreds of hours on the sdm/plc combo i cannot emphasive how much better the plm is.

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