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Thread: Anyone successful at using "level" command on X10 CM15a

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    Default Anyone successful at using "level" command on X10 CM15a

    Has anyone been successful at using the "level" command on the X10 CM15a ?

    I have newer x10 "soft start" units which have a "preset dim" feature (the unit will ramp up to this level when turned on instead of going full 100% and then having to dim) I would like to use this feature but unfortunately I can't figure out how to use the "level" command (which appears in the scroll down menu of x10 device commands) in order to change the "preset dim" level of my devices.

    If related and/or useful, clarifications on usage of the following commands would be much appreciated (found under "house/unit" code command")

    "preset dim high"
    "preset dim low"
    "extended commands"


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    anyone? thx

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    Did a lot of research over the net, basically what I need to know is if the CM15 plugin (or another Girder supported device: powerlinc, cm11a, etc) can send "direct dim" commands, either directly or through a series of commands.

    It seems this is achievable from a hardware perspective

    (Activehome supports it, see these links: )

    but I have to figure out if Girder can achieve this and how.

    So far it it looks like Girder supports the "old" style preset dim function which is not the one implemented in soft-start x10 modules (the newer "direct dim")

    Also, if this has to be done with a serial controller, could I use a usb converter?

    Again any help is much appreciated

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