I'vew an odd problem: I want to run MR in a restricted user profile on XP home (EeeTop Touch-PC), but this very machine also runs girder, which i want to protect against manipulation. So a restricted user seems to do the job. But...

I got no connection to girder, even with another admin user (only the original worked).

Playing around with tools like NT Wrapper lite to make girder run as a service did'nt help, at least i used a batchfile to start MR and Girder with RunAsSpc starting them as an admin on command line ...

... sounds complicated? That's why i want to know if there's another slim way to do the same in a more elegant way.

Btw: the batch file does start both when Windows is up and running. A Shortcut or even copy in the allUsers-Autostart folder seems to start too early ad doesn't work.

Thanks desperately,