I wrote a plug in that communicate with my own home grown automation server (over TCP/IP). This plug in works fine for over a year on several machines both under Windows Vista and Windows 7 (I have whole home license with about 8 installations).

I was working today on a machine running Windows Vista. All was working fine, I played a bit with some GMLs, and reconfigured the serial plug in. At some point (I cannot even point exactly to what I did), the whole thing stopped working. I found out that the plug in does not start.

Furthermore I found that if I start Girder as an administrator, then the plug in seems to start.

I looked at the registry and config files, and nothing seems to be out of order.

I added debug trace to my plug-in and I found out the following pattern

GIR_OPEN is called
GIR_INFO is called several times as expected

and that it, GIR_START is never called!

I would like to point out that it seems that no plug-in is started, because the serial ports were not opened as well (so at least the serial/transport plug-in did not start as well).

I had a similar case several month ago on another machine (different hardware), but then the case was solved because I dumped the machine and bough another one...

I have already spent several hours trying to figure out what is wrong. I would
appreciate it very much if you can point to a solution or further things to check. it does seems as a subtle bug either in Girder or my plugin.

Thanks a lot,
Yuval Rakavy