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Thread: Using Girder as an IR Remote

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    Mmm, my plan didn't work. It involved sending commands from Netremote to Girder and then getting Girder to send keystrokes to another program called HIP, which is capable of translating keystrokes into IR signals on an MCE blaster. Doesn't work for some reason, and even if it did, it's probably too complicated to be reliable.

    There has got to be a way to do this. Girder is supposed to be a highly sophisticated remote control program. Why can't it do this very simple thing???

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    Is this the plugin you downloaded?

    I'm assuming that since this thread is in the Girder 4 forum that you're using Girder 4? Not sure whether this plugin has been tested in Girder 4 or whether it requires Girder 5. Hopefully Ron can tell us.

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