I want to create a small church control system which can handle the beamer, lights and blinds, and manage to record audio via No23Recorder or some comparable software. The recordings should be burnt on cd-r and an mp3 shall be uploaded on an ftp-server. All this should be accessible through a Netremote surface, because some of the few operators are't really familiar with the equipment and need a simple control surface.

My actual problem is how to control audio recording:

- How can i include VU meters? I know how to control the audiomixer, but how can i get the audio levels?

- how can i define the recording path? Can this only be done if the software is capable of scripting or can be controlled via cmd-commands?

- Has anybody experiences in controlling an audio software via Girder/Netremote? Which recording software do you use?

- Has anybody controlled a cd burning software with Girder/Netremote?

At the moment there is a linux system with scripting files which do the job, but it's not very idiot-proof. ;-)

Thank you all in advance,


(colleague of Simon)