OK guys having a little problem. Looking to upgrade from Girder3 to Girder5. So I DL the demo to check it out. I reconfigured the CCF to link buttons on Netremote on the PPC to G5. Saved the changes and uploaded them to the PPC. For the life of me I can not get my PPC to work with G5. When I check the status of plug-in on the PPC, it says it connected to Girder4, I also set up on the PPC to use IR Girder passthrough and that works fine, so I know I am communicating some what with Girder. I have Netremote also running on the PC that has G5 running and that CCF works fine. Now the CCF on that is running on the PC, I reconfigured the CCF in Designer the same way I did for the PPC CCF. So I dont understand why the PPC does not work.

When I check the log in G5, it shows the IR passthrough, but when I press a button on the PPC to launch a IR macro in Girder I get nothing in the log.