The Getting Started docs are complete, you can read them here. If you have any trouble understanding them or want more clarity on any subject, please let me know.

Next up will be pushing some wiki docs such as script references and finishing the last few pages in the sample configuration. After that, I'll release a handful of Parameter UI enhancements to make adding the more complex functionality easier. This will be version 2.2.5 and will take Andre out of pre-release, finally! If you encounter any issues such as force closes or unexpected behavior, please report it on our bug forum with a description of what you were doing at the time, so we can look into the problem.

Once 2.2.5 is out, I'll get back to whipping up specific examples for the people who have asked, including several comprehensive Girder interactions. There is actually already a fully functional Girder event trigger example in the Community Gallery. You can add it to your own Entity Gallery by doing the following:

- Tap 'Edit Mode' in the menu
- Tap 'New Entity' in the menu
- Tap 'Get More Entities' in the menu
- Tap 'Import' on the Girder Demo button

Once it is in your Gallery, you can add it to your layout. Then in the Inspector panel, under the Entity tab and Parameters sub-tab, tap Edit Parameters. Scroll to the bottom to see the relevant Service Call Parameters which define the server information. Change the domain/ip Parameter to your own and change the Service Query Parameters to match your Girder device ID and event string. This button should now properly trigger your event in Girder.