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Thread: Web Server Delay

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    Unhappy Web Server Delay

    Firstly, I'm very sorry if this has been discussed and/or resolved elsewhere. I promise I have used the search and read loads but can't quite get an answer or help.

    I have been using Girder and NetRemote for years now with excellent results. I wouldn't say I was using any of it to it's full potential but it's worked nicely on my Pocket PC's.

    Problem is: the Pocket PC's are reaching the end of the line. One of them the touchscreen has gone and the other the screen has many a line across it - something to do with the 1 year old methinks!

    Anyhow, cut to the chase - I've got a couple of HTC HD 2's which I'm running Android on. I've made myself a simple app with a WebView container that loads a page from the Girder http server. Works fine... but... there seems to be an intermittent delay. It's not the end of the world but not quite as responsive as NetRemote was. It may be the way I've set it up (more than likely) - so I would be very grateful for some advice.

    The page uses lots of DIV'S, each with their onclick property set to onClick="return SendEventByID('3', 'TV');" (for example).

    Like I say this works fine but if I wanted to [say] scroll through a page or alter the volume, repeated taps get delayed and eventually lost. I have to stop, take a breath then steadily tap (like 1 a second).

    As I've said this isn't as responsive as NetRemote and just wondered if anyone else has had an experience here and perhaps could offer some advice?

    I would be very grateful. Thanks.

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    Default Found the solution

    For what it's worth I've found the solution - thought I would post it in case it's useful to anyone else one day...

    It's not the server or anything to do with Girder. That works as well as always. It's the Android browser. It just does not handle the 'onclick' event as quickly as it should. From what I can work out this is the same for the iphone too.

    The solution is jQuery Mobile. There is an event called Tap which does the job exactly. Now any event I send to Girder via a screen tap is INSTANT! It is perfect.

    Hope this is useful.

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    I'm glad you found what it was and thanks for posting back!
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