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    Default Get variable values from serial plugin

    I've managed to use Netremote to communicate with Girder, which sends commands to my Onkyo PR-SC886 processor. I use the Onkyo gml/lua file in the download section. All the commands work great, and when I for instance send the master volume request, I get:

    Serial: Onkyo-Ts-Sr-804 : Command queued: 21 31 4D 56 4C 51 53 54 4E !1MVLQSTN at postion 1
    Serial: Onkyo-Ts-Sr-804 : Simple Send: 21 31 4D 56 4C 51 53 54 4E 0D !1MVLQSTN.
    Serial: Onkyo-Ts-Sr-804 : Simple Receive: Data Code: 0
    Serial: Onkyo-Ts-Sr-804 : Simple Receive: Data 21 31 4D 56 4C 33 31 1A !1MVL31. Code: 8192
    Serial: Onkyo-Ts-Sr-804 : ERROR: Incomplete response to last command

    The feedback (here "!1MVL31") is correct. I don't know why I get the last error message.

    I just started learning this, and what I need your help on is to get this feedback message back into Netremote and display this in a slider/button. How do I get this value into a variable in Netremote.

    I appreciate any help.

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    Here's a little more about the problem (I have renamed the Onkyo device from the earlier post):

    To get the power status, I shall use this script:

    Onkyo: PowerState()

    From the lua code I see this is executed:

    PowerState = function (self)
    return self:SendCommand ('PW?')

    From lua console:

    Serial: Onkyo-PR-SC886 : Command queued: 50 57 3F PW? at postion 1
    Serial: Onkyo-PR-SC886 : Simple Send: 50 57 3F 0D PW?.
    Serial: Onkyo-PR-SC886 : Simple Receive: Data Code: 0

    This does not make sence. The Onkyo cannot interpret the "PW?" since the actual code for that request is "!1PWRQSTN".

    Do I need to change this in the lua file for all these procedures? Where is my variable with the response value??
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    Do you have a manual with the command codes the Onkyo supports? you should look up there how to 'build' a command string for whatever action you want the device to perform and also what answer to expect in return.
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    The manual is an Excel spreadsheet. I'm unable to upload it, but it's from the download website, and I cannnot post links yet. It's the ONKYO TX-SR804 plugin found under Girder 5, and the zip contains the Excel file with all the info.

    This is what I used to determine what to send to Onkyo, which works great, but I can't figure out the return variable.
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    Couldn't find the PR-SC886 in the spreadsheet as a supported device, but the PR-SC885 seems close enough and it seems to be a very generic protocol.

    What wasn't in the protocol is the error returned when an illegal command is send. Probably best to use a simple terminal app to directly connect to the Onkyo and manually send commands and verify their results according to the spreadsheet. If correct, then compare those results to the lua console to see where it goes wrong.

    One note though; I wrote a driver for an RFXmitter device and we noticed that the Girder serial implementation seems to be not 100% reliable (see this post), it just returned some extra bytes that where never send by the actual device. We decided to live with that, because the device was working anyway.
    The core problem for this device was that it was an ethernet based device using a virtual com port that was redirected over the lan (so basically Girder was talking to the com-port). Something was wrong and we couldn't get it fixed, only after using a different com port redirector (the virtual com port provider) it suddenly worked. That was another indication for me that the Girder serial implementation has some quirks.
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    Thanks for the help. That sound a little difficult to me...

    The SC-886 is very close to the 885, so that should not be an issue. I do get an error message, but the communication is working perfectly. If I increase the volume, I get a message back with the new volume level.

    Since It seems that I'm so close, I don't understand why Girder just can't put the response into a variable that I can show in NetRemote.

    It's a great product even without the feedback, but it would be so much nicer and user friendly.

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