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    Over a year ago there was alot of talk about a new release for NetRemote including bugfixes, some new features and maybe WinCE6 support. What has happened to this ?
    Is it a waste of time to continue develop user interfaces around NR since it only support obsolete HW (there are no truly portable Win XP HW available on the market)

    I have seen post about using a web based approch instead but I have also seen at the same time examples of this and compared to most core NR interfaces it does not look as good. On top of that you will miss a lot of functionality and ease of use.

    Is NetRemote dead??

    Guess I'm a bit frustrated at the moment but I do think that we deserv to hear if NR is considered an obsolete product or not.


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    I have been using NR for almost 10 years now it was a great solution in it's day but times have changed and Promixis has not. There simply has not been any innovation or future vision other then a very basic web solution. Frankly I think the web solution is a joke but it will likely provide some relief while people look for alternate solutions. There is already a great native Android app (Andre) that is a good alternative but if you are on an iPhone you are SOL for now but that's what you get for buying an inferior but trendy phone. Android is simply a better platform and is the future... Good luck!

    Hopefully Promixis does not decide Andre is competition at some point. Seeing how Andre works so good with Grider I would hope they see it a benefit to their excellent back end automation solution.
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    No I am not on iphone (yet, company phone will/must be in the near future) I do prefer android both for cell phones and "slates"(?) and we have a couple of them in the family.
    Andre could be an option but it will never replace NetRemote and what I can see is some lacking of uptodate manuals/examples.
    It would be good if promixis could release NetRemote <->Mediabridge <-> Girder protocol details so that it could be fully integrated into Girder or that someone would do an "Andre Server" for Girder to allow for faster and easier exchange of data.

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    The Andre developer is simply outstanding and very open to suggestions. I believe he is working on better integration with MC and other media centers. At this point I just have a button to open Gizmo. Although linking to other native apps are not as integrated it's really not a big deal and I don't have to design the entire interface. I also link to other native apps like Dish, My Movies, Remote Mouse, and IP Cam Viewer. Many which I would never expect to integrate in Andre so it's really no big deal. I have worked with a lot of developers in my time being a Network Engineer and Luke (Andre developer) is one of the best I have ever worked with! I wouldn't discount Andre one bit...

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    I hear you guys I feel the same frustration and the lack of development these days.

    Must be the economy
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