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Thread: PIR-1 Firmware Update + Promixis IR Studio

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    Default PIR-1 Firmware Update + Promixis IR Studio

    We have a major update to the PIR-1 firmware available with these new features

    • Much improved IR learning (modulated signals only <- 99% of remotes out there.)
    • Wake from Suspend ability
    • LED blinking on signal receive, send and manually

    To upgrade your firmware and use these new functions please install the Promixis IR Studio.

    I had promised to have an update to you guys before Friday unless something crazy happened well I forgot about Thanksgiving tomorrow which pretty much blows my schedule out of the water for writing the documentation. To at least deliver the 'goods' I decided to release without documentation or Girder integrated learning for now.

    Step one is to upgrade your PIR-1 to firmware release 4 ( PIR -> Upgrade Firmware ) allow it to reset the PIR-1. This places the PIR-1 into CDC mode (virtual serial) which is used for the upgrade process.
    This mode requires a driver, luckily these come with Windows we just need to tell windows about this by pointing it to the correct inf file, which can be found in the attached ZIP file called "".

    Sadly CDC mode requires Vista or higher as the CDC drivers in Windows are terrible otherwise. Once CDC mode works you'll see a new comport appear. This is the PIR-1 in firmware upgrade mode. Now select that comport in the upgrade dialog and hit 'Check'. Once confirmed it's the PIR-1 hit the upgrade button. That's all.

    Now you should be on the latest firmware. Use the IR Studio to learn IR signals and convert them to CCF for use in Girder. This learning functionality will go into Girder as well in the near future but for now it's also available separately.

    Please post any questions or troubles you might have here.
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