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Thread: newbie needs help getting started with Girder-5 and PIR-1

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    OK, for example, to start with I have one device that is functioning as designed. I copy the *.gml file over to the new device. I open up girder and point to that same *.gml that I've just copied locally. I would assume that the settings listed below that gml would match, but they don't. Is there something I need to add to that in order for that to work?

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    The GML files holds the interactions between devices, actions and events. The devices themselves are defined in the configuration directories. To find out the location for that directory on your source and target machine run this command on both:

    On my machine that gives C:\Users\ron\AppData\Roaming\Promixis\Girder\5\Con fig\

    Note this might be different even between your two machines.

    Exit girder and zip it up from the source and with Girder fully exited unzip it in the target directory.

    Also please make sure you have all the HKCU\Software\Promixis\Girder\5\ stuff and HKLM\Software\Promixis\Girder\5\
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