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Thread: does this command work? Netremote.GoHome('page') or Netremote.GoPage('page')

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    Default does this command work? Netremote.GoHome('page') or Netremote.GoPage('page')

    I see there are various posts about setting a default Home Page in netremote, but none seem to work for me.
    I am using the master template and the device template (one as a simple background, and one with a house plan laid out).
    I then have the following page groups: Home, Diagnostics and MyHouse.
    Which have pages within them:
    Home --> MyHome
    Diagnostics --> input_output, setup stats
    Myhouse --> Comfort.

    It is all work in progress, but by default I want netremote to open on the page MyHome.
    I have tried using NetRemote.GoDevice('Home','MyHome') in the ccf's lua script, but it seems to open the template used for the page instead!
    I have also tried NetRemote.GoHome('MyHome') which does the same
    I have also tried NetRemote.GoDevice('MyHouse','Comfort'), which does open the page, but most of the buttons are missing.
    I can not find a way of setting a robust default page to open when Netremote opens.

    Looking at some old threads, it seemed as if a new command Netremote.GoPage('page') would be introduced, but this does not work.

    I am on version version of netremote designer (licensed full house version)
    and version version of netremote (licensed full house version)

    Can anyone help?

    Thanks, Jon.

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    I solved this in part.
    I had previously tried to set a day/night colour scheme to the template files using the 'states' setting for the background colour looking at a netremote variable that I altered from girder based on the time of day. This was so that the background could effectivelly be darker at nighttime.
    When I removed this 'functionality' Netremote reverted to opening the highest level page in the trees using the master template (which I'm sure I read is what is meant to happen).
    I still can not 'force' a default page from the CCF's lua script, nor do I now have my day / night colour schemes.
    Any advice would be appreciated.

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