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Thread: Play Sound can't Stop

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    Default Play Sound can't Stop

    Making an alarm, I have netremote in my small shed and in the the home cinema.

    If the door bell is pressed would like to play a sound file.

    I found the command NetRemote.PlaySound. Set as follows.

    which plays in a loop, but can't find how to stop door.wav by pressing a button.
    Search the forum found info command where it says if NR.ActionSound is not nil pressing any button stops the sound. Can't find this variable in netremote designer.

    Ideal world since the doorbell goes into girder would like on door bell pressed, girder sends a command to each netremote to play the sound. Button acknowledge on either neremote screen would stop the wav file playing.


    Look thro online documentation can't find NetRemote.PlaySound()

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    Hi answer me own question answer was almost obvious send the same command but set the command parameter to 1

    NetRemote.PlaySound("c:/wav/door.wav",1) then plays one more time and stops.

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