My name is Eric Rue, and I'm an architectural engineer, an artist and a fabricator. I currently work at Hipp Engineering in Raleigh NC designing pharmaceutical facilities. This is my first attempt at doing this, but I'm enjoying it so far.

I have 2 structures on my property. The first is a machine shop and play space, where i build engines and play with various fuel injected turbocharged street cars. The second is a house. I graduated many years ago, with an architecture degree and since my first co-op job iv been working primarily in electrical engineering. I always wanted to use my degree for something so when i decided to build a house it was time. The house is modern, with a 3 story atrium in the center, structural steel and glass backside. I have a large mechanical room under the master suite where Im working on an automation system to control, security, fire alarm, site lighting, egress lighting, 3 HVAC systems, exhaust fans, and a rainwater recycling system for flushing fixtures.

I built the garage first, and it has a small ductbank that runs between a small mechanical room and the street (which is several hundred feet away) I have an ELK M1 panel with all the usual accessories up and running in this space. It also has a bunch of underground conduit run to various points for landscape lighting (not installed yet) as well as a 4 conduit ductbank connecting this mechanical room with the large mechanical room in the basement of the new house.