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    I had used Andre for a couple years but the developer is IMA and its a shame because he put a ton of work in Andre and I had a lot of work into my config. I had worked directly with him on alot of ideas for Andre. Although it worked good I had become bsessed with the idea that a remote interface should be an overlay instead a standard full screen app. I had been using tasker for years and decided to play around with tasker scenes which will overlay. As usual I became obsessed with the project and in just a couple months I built a complete remote in tasker scenes that is launched by a swipe or home button long press that overlays any app. I can be streaming video on my tablet and launch the remote without any interuption to the video. Having all the power of tasker under the hood is just a bonus. I can also control other android devices with tasker/autoremote. Overall very happy with this solution and have not touched Andre since I got the basic interface up and running. At first I missed being able to develop the interface on my pc but after a while I preferred doing it all on my tablet as I run it direct from tasker on the tablet so I just make simple fixes on the spot and don't even have "reload" all the time. I then export as a app via Tasker App Factory for my phone. The only major issue with tasker scenes is that there is a scaling option and its all based on coordinates so going to a device with a different resolution (minor differences are fine) its a mess. Luckly my tablet (Note 12.2) and phone (LG G3) have roughly the same resolution so thats not really an issue for me but worth noting...
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