I made a LED strip driver/dimmer using a TeensyUSB board that I would like to control with Girder, but I'm having a problem connecting to it via the USB Serial device installed in Win7. I can see the com port in the TransportManager>SerialPorts tab (see attached pic) but it isn't accessible in any of the pulldown options in Girder where I can select available serial ports (see pic of the Example Turorial 4.) In the SerialPort tab it is Com11 and labeled as "Other Application" which sounds like Girder thinks it is being used by another app or something. It is not being used by another application as far as I can tell, and I suspect this is a Girder compatbility problem with the USB driver type Abstract Control Model (again, see pic of the Windows Device Manager.) This behavior occurs on two different machines, and I have confirmed that the serial device actually works as I can open the com port using Windows PowerShell and succesfully send commands to the device. Any thoughts on how I can get Girder to use this device/port?


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