Hi folks!

I have a question concerning use of Tira 2.1 with Girder4.
I have been using Tira with this Girder version for years (before that, it was Girder3) and I am quite happy with it. However, I have seen some rare moments when Tira was not working properly any more. When I then went into the plugin settings I got the message that Tira is disabled at the moment.

For now I have not found anything to programmatically react on this behaviour. Thus, I would like to use the OnError setting of a girder action when receiving or transmitting with Tira is not possible any more. However, the OnError does not seem to be used when Tira is disabled.
So my question: Is there any possibility to check if Tira does not work properly any more and then react with something (e.g. go to a special girder command)?

Thanks in advance!