Hi everyone. It's been a very long time since I've been around. Almost 10 years?!?! Wow. The time flies. Cool I'm still a Senior Member! LOL

Is Ben Sweet still around? What about Mike C.?

All this time, and yet, here we are, and still no solid and completely customizable Universal Remote APP or Hardware on the market! Very surprising. What gives?

The reason I thought of NetRemote (i.e. promixis, now) is that I'm looking at getting a Samsung galaxy 2 7" tablet. The interesting thing is that it has IR blaster built in!!

It also comes with some app called PEEL.

But...... it's not entirely customizable (is it?), which is when I thought of NetRemote. I made my very own interface graphics (Rain Kissed Grass - anyone remember that?) complete with Alpha Transparency and the works! I could put any button I wanted anywhere I wanted... who uses ALL the buttons on every remote, anyway!?!? I don't... Volume +/- Channel +/- mute, subtitles, up, down, side to side, enter, info, play/pause, and POWER.... that pretty much sums it up! Oh... and the numbers for channels (which I could make a favorites with graphics in NetRemote)

Also, I no longer need the MediaCenter ability. With DLNA, I found a great app (MediaHouse) that allows me to send music to my Samsung TV... and even add to playlist on the fly... it also sends Album cover, if it exists... so that is covered. But actually remote control type capabilities still severely lack!! I do it on my HTC evo 4g LTC... I can even take pictures and send them right to my TV - pretty cool...

Anyway... long story... things don't look as active as they once were here... but technology has still not quite got all NetRemote had, yet! What did I miss? Where is everyone? Is there something that came along that is better and everyone took off????

Is there a NetRemote/Girder APP for Android based OS and/or other Tablets? Can it control the Samsung 7" tablet's builtin IR?? Come on, come on - I need 10 years of catch up here!!!! LOL