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Thread: Nutech AD2USB - Alarm Panel Integration

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    Figure I may as well post what I have to date for anyone else using the AD2USB with girder. A couple of notes:
    1. This GML and Serial COnfig rely on setting up relays to detect zone opens and closures. This requires a lot of programming at the panel and will not work if someone already has relays in use.
    2. Use at your own risk! Post in the thread for support or questions.
    3. I left a bunch of my commands within the Girder AD2USB events, so you'll want to clear those out. I use "XLOBBY", an old front-end, and pass a bunch of information back and forth between XLOBBY and GIRDER.

    Here is the sample GML that has all of the events (incoming and outgoing), and the serial configuration file which you'll want to place in your ..\apps\Girder5\plugins\serial\ folder


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    Trying to get this to work with Girder6 and an AD2PI... not having much luck yet. Anyone else already have G6 and AD2PI or AD2USB talkin'?

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