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Thread: MCE Remote Control GML (For all Windows MCE versions) mapped keyboard shortcuts.

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    Default MCE Remote Control GML (For all Windows MCE versions) mapped keyboard shortcuts.

    I have an HP Media Center PC that came with a "Green Button" remote. After experimentation with Hauppauge HD PVR and its built-in USB IR receiver/blaster interface, and subsequently its removal, the remote no longer worked like it used to on the original and remaining internal Hauppauge tuner (1800). Hauppauge sells a CD for $10 that would restore the function to the latest release, but I decided instead to spend $150 for something industrial strength that I could do more cool stuf with and learn something in the process. (So, I bought the Girder Whole Home Pro version), and the adventure begins. I'm not a programmer.

    Girder 5.0 (not 5.1 that I can see) has an "MCE Driver" that is installed as an option on install. I used that, not knowing how it works, (but it did). Details follow.

    I couldn't find a GML that worked with it to control MCE on my Windows 7 machine. The included Windows MCE 2005 GML commands didn't work and I couldn't make the targeting work either.

    I made the attached GML which passes the keyboard shortcuts to the foreground app. It seems to make everything work that I was used to.

    This is a super basic approach, and probably flawed in the long run, but I'm new at this. I'm celebrating the fact that I have a working remote.

    So here is how I made this work:
    1) Install Girder 5.0 (not 5.1) and accept the offer to installe the MCE driver.
    2) Read and understand (or screenclip during install for later reference) the onscreen instructions to enable the "My Open MceIrService Connector" on the Components;Transport Manager after install and reboot.
    a) after reboot start girder
    b) From the View menu start logger.
    c) Green button remote should be sending keys (output shown by logger).
    3) Switch to the expert interface (the Novice interface is the default view on Girder 5.0).
    4) Import my GML and Enable it. You don't need to run the IR wizard or assign a remote.
    a) I looked up the keyboard shortcuts (ACTIONS) for all the MCE controls and I used "learn" for each IR function (EVENT) from the GreenButton remote.
    b) I'm saving you that trouble of making that list of actions/events if you use my GML.
    c) The worst case might be that you have to re-learn each event if your remote's codes don't match mine exactly.

    So, I am starting to use my investiment on a daily basis, but so much to learn!
    If you have advice, I'm interested. Thanks.
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