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    Default Girder 6 on Windows

    Welcome to the new Girder 6!

    Girder has been completely overhauled from Girder 5. There are new features and many improvements!

    Improvements over Girder 5:

    • Performance. Girder's performance we increased dramatically
    • Run as a service. The Professional version will run as a service
    • 64 bit binaries. Girder is now available as 32 and 64 bit binary
    • Cross platform. Girder cross compiles to Linux ( Ubuntu, Raspi... ) and custom builds will be available upon special request ( price for special builds is TBD )
    • Full separated processing core from user interface. This means that you can fully manage Girder remotely over the network
    • Built-in NetRemote replacement.
    • NetRemote is based upon QML, which is a hardware accelerated declarative UI
    • PIO-1 Support
    • UPB Support
    • Speech Recognition and Text to speech
    • The NetRemote front - Runs on Android, iOS, Windows and Linux x64.
    • Webserver supports websockets
    • Twitter Support
    • Tellsdus Tellstick lua library
    • ZWave - pending official certification
    • Insteon PLM + Insteon Hub 2242-222 (NOT 2245-222)
    • Nest support - Works with Nest


    You can download the trial here, pick either the Windows 32 bit or Windows 64 bit version:

    GirderSetup_x86 - ( Windows XP sp 3 and up )
    GirderSetup_x64 - ( Windows 64 bit systems only Vista and up )

    After the install you'll need to request a trial license. The installer will direct you to the correct location. If you have any issues let us know!

    Minimum requirements: Windows XP SP 3 and up, 1GB memory, 1GHz processor.
    Tested compatible with Windows up to Windows 8.1

    We offer a 30 day free trial with Girder. The installer should take you to the correct location to request a trial, if not you can request a trial here.


    Upgrading to Girder 6 from Girder 5 or 4 qualifies for a 25% discount. Contact for details.

    Girder 6 Standard
    Girder 6 Professional
    Girder 6 Whole Home Pro

    Optional offline installation files:

    Girder requires the Qt Toolkit to run. The installer will automatically download the required libraries. If the installation machine does not have internet access you can also download the libraries manually and place them in the same directory as the installer. The installer will then load the Qt Toolkit from there instead of downloading.

    QT_LIBS_5.4.1.2_32_Dynamic.7z Windows 32 bit (x86)
    Mesa3D-10.4.3 Mesa3D Gallium LLVM pipe OpenGL rasterizer ( x86 )


    QT_LIBS_5.4.1.2_64_Dynamic.7z Windows 64 bit (x64)
    Mesa3D-10.4.3 Mesa3D Gallium LLVM pipe OpenGL rasterizer ( x64 )

    Keep the names exactly as they are so the installer can detect them.

    The manual is included with the download. If you prefer to have a PDF copy of the manual you can get it here or the online HTML version.


    If you start NetRemote or NetRemote Dynamic and it instantly crashes this is most likely caused by your OpenGL driver. You can use the software rasterizer by reinstalling and selecting that option.
    [Advanced] You can force DirectX use by setting the environment variable QT_OPENGL to "angle".
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