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Thread: Questions when evaluating G6 Beta

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    Question Questions when evaluating G6 Beta

    In my testing time of G6, I have some questions concerning many different part of the software.
    I'm a several year old G5 user.

    Gir Objet
    For example, the objet gir has many functions like
    gir.LogMessage and other. Will theses method be implemented in G6 ?

    Very nice to implement it.
    Concerning the websocket "Chat" Sample :
    Where is the lua code that manage the websocket for the chat.lhtml file ?
    I didn't find any websocket.lua file (because it's looking for a /broadcast url on the webserver)

    Will X10 CM11 interface be supported ?

    In the logger, I didn't find as many messages as in G5.
    For example, during Girder startup, there were many messages concerning the module that were loaded ...
    My webserver was on an already opened port, I didn't see any error messages.
    When I changed the port, nothing is the logger (as webserver stoped/started or error)

    The scheduler
    When I set a task with Sunset and a time offset, when i edit back my task, my time offset and other values has disapear.

    GML files
    Where are the GML file of the running server stored on the server ?
    In registry, I see a {GUID}.gml file but I don't know where the file is on disk.
    If I want to backup it, I can't, execpt if I export it.

    On my Windows Seven 64 bits PC, the webserver GetPort return "-1" ?
    On my other PC (32 bit), I get the good port number.

    I use it a long time ago. How to install it with G6 ?

    Module GUI
    Will there any tutorial on how to build the GUI for a module ?
    There is a sample of the core part (LUA) in the documentation but not for the GUI (javascript file)

    Run shortcut
    Perhaps you can add a "Run" shortcut when right clic on a action in the Action Tree (like before in G5)

    Ok for today !
    Working with G6 is very pleasant. I hope many people will port there work (plugin/code) on G6. For example : Onewire plugin, xpl support, upnp

    Thanks for answers.

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    Thanks for your feedback.

    1. gir.log added

    2. The broadcast websocket server is a C++ object. It has but one simple job. Whatever it receives it will transmit to all other connected websockets. For an example on how to do a Websocket server in Lua check the manual

    3. It's planned, but a bit down in the queue at the moment

    4. Aah yes, this is due to the split nature of Girder. The back-end starts first and creates it's output then the front-end connects. It will already have missed all startup messages. I've added a persistent buffer for log messages (500 max currently). The first connecting front-end will get them all. Note the timestamps are generated on receive not send. This might be fixed in a later version.

    5. Scheduler UI Fixed

    6. GML Files are stored in your user profile directory. For me it C:\Users\ron\AppData\Local\Promixis\Girder 6

    7. As far as I can tell the -1 came from the URL not having a port number attached. So if your url was localhost:8080/bla.lhtml you'd get 8080, if you url was localhost/bla.lhtml you'd get -1. I've fixed and catch -1 and replace it with 80.

    8. MediaBridge. Simply install from here: If it's on the local network you should be able to use the mediabridge from the built-in NetRemote (view ui->from file, pick mce/mce.qml)

    9. I don't have it written out yet, you could look at some of the lua files included with Girder. If you need help with anything specific start a new thread and we'll work through it.

    10. Added Run to popup menu!

    Thanks for feedback!! These changes will be part of next release.
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    Thanks for the answer.
    Waiting for next release !

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