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    Ikea has recentely released a new series of smart lighting products called Trådfri. The devices currently include light bulbs/panels, remote controls and a motion sensor, but more are promised to be available in the near future. The product line is Zigbee based but also include a cheap gateway product that will let you control everything from an app or other external devices.

    Any hope of getting support for this gateway into Girder? I see that other home automation products like Home-Assistant already have decoded the gateway protocol and implemented support for it.

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    Looks like they reverse engineered the protocol yes. Ikea states that they will publish the API

    How much interest is there in this?
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    Can't speak for others, but I just bought a bunch of these lights. They're cheap and they work extremely well.

    As far as I understand the gateway speak COAP (, and the protocol seems fairly straighforward to implement:

    I also see that there is a python class available, which I guess I could use to hack something together in order to control my lights from Girder:

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