Not always do our customers tell us what they do with our software. But sometimes stories come back to us, we do love hearing about those. If you guys care to submit stories I'm happy to publish them, and no you don't need to work for NASA to be included.

This particular story started 9-10 years ago due to cutbacks in personnel at NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center. The team had to figure out ways to do more with less people. One of our forum members was on the team and used Girder for automation of ground procedural tasks in preparation for spacecraft command and control or UARS. This particular satellite was brought in for re-entry in 2011 and that project came to an end.

Our products, software and hardware are used in a huge range of companies including Sony, Philips, NBC, Intel, Google, Bose, EchoStar, ESPN, the list goes on as you can imagine for a company that has been providing automation solutions for as long as Promixis has been around.