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Thread: Access Device Manager on 2nd Girder instance

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    Default Access Device Manager on 2nd Girder instance

    Is there currently a way to access Device Manager on a 2nd instance of Girder from a 1st instance of Girder/Netremote? Basically I would like to only use one instance of Netremote but be able to control devices on other PCs/other instances of Girder. Does that make any sense?

    I know you can forward events from one instance of Girder to a 2nd instance using csevent.exe or even http commands. I could even just connect to that 2nd PC's Netremote.

    It would be REALLY nice if I could access the components/devices directly (IR, USB-UIRT, etc.) that I already added on other PCs.

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    Currently that is not yet possible directly. You can always manipulate through the webserver if you need to ( gir/deviceManager.lhtml )

    This feature is planned for the next major release.
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    Good to hear! Thanks Ron.

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